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iTop Extensions

This section contains a list of extension modules for iTop:

ExtensionDescriptionVersionRelease Date
Approval ExtendedExtended approval management module1.2.12016-08-09
Approval LightModule for managing a simple approval process1.2.12016-08-09
Auto Close TicketAuto close resolved User Request and Incident tickets1.0.12016-08-10
Check_mk Data CollectorParses and imports data from check_mk into iTop0.1.02016-05-20
Customer SurveyCreate a quizz, send it to your customers, collect the replies2.2.02015-04-16
Dispatch IncidentAdd an additional state 'dispatched' to Incidents1.1.12014-11-13
Dispatch User RequestAdd an additional state 'dispatched' to User Requests1.1.12014-11-13
Email ReplySend email replies from ticket log update1.1.92016-07-21
Object copierProvides end-users with a shortcut to clone CIs or create child requests, or even clone with transformations1.1.42016-07-21
Precanned RepliesPick common answers from a list of "Precanned" replies1.1.12016-08-08
Request TemplatesDisplay additional fields to portal users, depending the selected service2.0.32016-09-08
SLA with Coverage Windows version 2.1SLA computation based on Coverage Windows for User Request and Incident with multiple open hours intervals2.1.72016-03-15
Stencils (templating)Templating based on existing objects1.0.82016-08-09
Synchro DashboardSimple Dashboard for monitoring all the data synchro sources at a glance1.0.02014-08-29
TeemIpFull blown IPAM (IP Address Management) extension for iTop.2.1.12016-12-20
Ticket Creation from eMailsAutomatically create and update Tickets from incoming emails3.0.52016-11-10
itop-data-collector-baseBase module for writing data collection applications1.0.102015-06-30
Vsphere Data CollectorPHP application to collect inventory information from vSphere1.0.72017-04-24
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