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iTop Extensions

November 2017: All public extensions have been renamed with a more explicit name. Check the column Alternate name in the table below if you are looking for the previous name of a given extension.

This section contains a list of extensions for iTop:

ExtensionDescriptionAlternate name VersionRelease Date
Check_mk Data CollectorParses and imports data from check_mk into iTop0.1.02016-05-20
Data synchronization dashboardGet an overview of all your data synchronizations at a glanceSynchro Dashboard1.0.02014-08-29
Autoclose TicketAuto close resolved User Request and Incident tickets1.0.12016-08-10
Data archiver simpleArchive tickets from the console1.0.12017-10-31
Data Collector BaseBase module for writing data collection applications1.0.102015-06-30
Configurator for automatic object creationTemplating based on existing objects.Stencils (templating)1.0.132017-11-15
Vsphere Data CollectorPHP application to collect inventory information from vSphere1.0.72017-04-24
Predefined response modelsPick common answers from a list of predefined replies grouped by categories to update tickets logPrecanned Replies1.1.12016-08-08
Send updates by emailSend an email to pre-configured contacts when a ticket log is updatedEmail Reply1.1.112017-06-14
Dispatch Incident to teamDispatch an incident to a team without assigning an agentDispatch Incident1.1.22017-11-14
Dispatch User Request to a teamDispatch a user request to a team without assigning an agentDispatch User Request1.1.32017-10-27
User actions configuratorConfigure user actions to simplify and automate processes. Eg create an incident from a CI.Object Copier1.1.92017-11-13
Approval process automationControl your approval process with predefined rules based on service catalogApproval Extended1.4.02017-11-15
Approval process lightApprove a request via a simple emailApproval Light1.4.02017-11-15
Slack IntegrationSend notification to Slack17.4.02017-12-20
Customized request formsDefine personalized request forms based on the service catalog. Add extra fields for a given type of request.Request Templates2.0.82017-11-15
SLA considering business hoursCompute SLAs taking into account service coverage window and holidaysSLA with Coverage Windows2.1.92017-03-28
TeemIpFull blown IPAM (IP Address Management) extension for iTop.2.2.02017-11-23
Customer SurveyCreate a quizz, send it to your customers, collect the replies.2.2.02015-04-16
Mail to ticket automationScan several mailboxes to create or update tickets.Ticket Creation from eMails3.0.72017-08-28
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